Commenting Guidelines

In class we are asked to put these comments in order of the least helpful to the most helpful.


I Think number 1

is the worst because there is no full stops or capital letters and they did not put a return for the next  paragraph

she did not put a first  capital letter for her name   she also put  she wrote how to  make a lot  she

wrote  a lot of words wrong like a lot  i rate it like  1/10

because it is  bad.


I think that number 2 is the best because  it has a lot  of  effort because it has a capital letter for  their name  because  they think it is polite  and they did a return for a second  paragraph so then  they  put  there full stops  at the end of a sentence  that is   amazing because  it has a question mark on a end of a sentence because they want it to be a question.




My story about my Dog

I  had a house and it was a beautiful  and me and my dog Poncho.

We went for a walk with  my  mum Then we went to  the park with my Dog

because it  it is amazing and she loves it because it  has other dogs there.Then me and Poncho went to the rain forest  and Poncho  found a stick and then i  found a bone and the Poncho wanted it  so then we headed back to the house and then i had dinner then i gave Poncho some dinner then the bone and then she ate it.

My new post

Dear everyone


My name is Matilda

I am 11

I am in year 6

my class teacher is Mr Jackson

I am in Australia

If you are wondering what my favourite   animal  is

it’s a Dog

I have 2 sisters

I just got a new kitten called  Waffles

hope too see you there